Sunday, August 24, 2014, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM 4 hours

Everyone has different things they look forward to every year; Christmas, birthdays, reunions wedding anniversaries, the standards. However, we know what's really important...Our Anniversary Party! Important may not quite be the right word for our Anniversary Party but some words that do come to mind are awesome, memorable (what you do remember), glorious, and quite possibly, epic. What can I say, it's a good time.

We will be celebrating our 18th year of brewing with some of our closest brewery friends, 18 years! If we were a person, we'd be old enough to buy nudie magazines, fireworks, vote, and face adult penalties for under age drinking (which we of course, do not condone). OK, as we are 18 now I'll try to be more mature. We really look forward to celebrating these milestones with you, our customers, because we wouldn't be here without you. The beer will be awesome, the specially priced and prepared tapas will be awesome, and you, you will be awesome because you'll be having an awesome time.

Here's what you need to know, tickets are $35 pre-sale and if there's room left, they'll be $40 day of. This includes unlimited tastings of 40+ craft beers from over 18 breweries and a kick commemorative glass. We will have shirts for sale, some free swag, raffles, and those aforementioned tasty and affordable treats. Oh and lots of revelry. That's included in the price...

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